Corporate Billing

Consolidated billing analytics

Give your most valued customers the insights they need.

  • Tailored analytics & customizable dashboard reporting
  • Large accounts can easily understand costs & service usage
  • Flexible reporting (e.g. by department structure or cost center)
  • Improve satisfaction with your most valued customers

BriteBill’s highly flexible reporting and analytics toolkit delivers a customized dashboard view of billing and user data reports for corporate customers.

Customers can manage their own hierarchy for reporting purposes (via department structure or cost centers).

Product Features

  • Report builder: Allows corporate customers to easily build their own custom analytics and usage reports
  • Bill consolidation: Consolidate billing accounts into a single invoice for a given corporate or SME
  • Flexible integration with existing systems: Integrates into existing billing environments, no need to change legacy systems
  • Billing account hierarchy support: creation and management of corporate hierarchies. Parent and child billing accounts can be maintained and updated automatically
  • Multi-channel bill presentation: Deliver improved billing across paper, mobile, and responsive web
  • Roles-based: Allow users to view only the information that is relevant to their position in the corporate hierarchy
  • Bill notifications: Set up & send notifications using a configurable user interface to manage complex notification preferences
  • Hosted or on premises: Can be deployed within the Enterprise on any standard hardware and operating systems, can also be deployed on a managed cloud basis

Benefits to Service Provider

A powerful, easy to use toolkit to quickly access billing & invoicing data to get the insights you need.

  • Comprehensive dashboard for the monitoring and management of bill runs
  • Roles based analytics tool-set to preview & check bills before approval
  • Dynamic reporting – build & share permissions-based reports for specific users or departments

Benefits to Corporate Customer

  • Provides consolidated account view to individual reporting
  • Immediate self-care
  • Highly flexible reporting/analysis
  • Improved financial controls

We make it interactive, hierarchical, real-time and personalized for corporate customer needs

Reconciliation & Revenue Assurance

BriteBill’s intuitive dashboard delivers real-time monitoring of bill runs so you can see exactly what has been processed, as well as what hasn’t and why — all at your fingertips:

  • Verify data with your billing system — tally information across multi-vendor and multi-technology systems
  • Ensure bills are fully validated for total expenditure, as well as for all components of the full invoice
  • Identify information inconsistencies that can lead to revenue leakage
  • Ensure end-to-end financial visibility

Reporting & Automation

  • View reports showing key statistics
  • See failure reasons for each individual invoice — fix either before or after batch run — no time lost on “pre-billrun” remediation
  • Trigger automated rules: e.g. If more than 20% failure, cancel run
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